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Kalavani Mappillai Movie Review

Kalavaani Mappillai Movie Review: Gandhi Manivasagam has all the elements that a comedy built around deceit needs. We get a childhood rivalry between Deva (Dinesh, uncomfortable) and Villangam (Munishkanth, underutilised), a hastily built romance between Deva and Thulasi (Aditi Menon), a back story for why Thulasi’s mother (Devayani, with a lousy hair-do) wants a son-in-law who can drive, a henpecked husband (Anandraj, who takes on the responsibility of making us laugh), a comic character (Rajendran, in an underwritten role) who could expose the hero’s lies…

But like a chef who knows the taste of a dish but cannot figure out how to mix and match the ingredients, he struggles when it comes to plotting a comedy out of the elements that he has. Thus, we end up with a film that is intermittently funny for an undemanding audience.

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